A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Duvet is a short adventure-puzzle game made in Unity about a dystopical world with militarized magical girls.


One year after the turn of the millenia, the soviet space program launched its third man-manned mission to the moon. Unknown to them at the time, the pilot code-named “Strangelove” was eight months away from becoming a mother.

This baby who had a 6 month exposure to the lunar material was the first “Magical Girl” as nicknamed by the public.

Almost 40 years later, the forced exposure of pregnant women to rocks from the moon became the new arms race. These newly born babies became part of the private or military sector, according to their powers.

But there was a catch: only creatures of the XX genoma could survive the experiment, and no “Magical Girl” lived past 23 years.
72 hours after the last contact with the walled city of Kowloon. Nearby eye witnesses reported flashing red lights before the silence, local security forces refused to enter the perimeter and the buildings in the proximity have been evacuated.

The Kingdom of China has decided on dispatching its Magical Cases Unit agent on the Southernmost part of the building complex.

The game is available in English.

Average playtime is 45-60 minutes.

Director: Akira51p
Game Designer: EchinopsWorks / echinops.itch.io
Graphical Artist: Sacha Bebchuk
Art: sweetpeamomote & huffiestrikes
3D Model: Sweetpea Momote & Sacha
Music: Izakaya Funes
Writing: Akira & Lulu
Coding: Echinops, Sacha, Akira

If you enjoyed the original soundtrack, you can listen to it here.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorsEphemera Games, echinops
GenrePuzzle, Adventure, Survival
TagsExploration, Horror, Low-poly


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cool puzzle game.


The background of the world was good, and the notes that delved into it were very interesting.

And I really liked the setting, the Dennou Kowloon Castle(電脳九龍城).

I've never been there, but I've heard rumors about it, and it was a lot of fun to walk around in it!

Thanks a lot for the kind words! Sadly the place you mentioned was shut down some years ago, I was dying to go for obvious reasons lol


impeccable vibes, love it! couldn’t find some tiles and the key though

I'm really glad you liked the vibes! Try searching the map, not all of them are on puzzles.


how do you play in mac?

I think I uploaded the wrong version... damn it! You should be able to run the .exe with Wine on OSX! 


Cool find.

Nice game!

Thank you! How did you find it?


this game is uncomfortable in that sense reminds me a bit of pathologic 2 and cruelty squad. (maybe that what makes the game) really good despite that.

I only played the first Pathologic and got my ass spooked. I guess I must play the second one now.


great game

Brigado irmao! <3


Honestly, I enjoyed this game a lot when I played it, couldn't finish it due to a difficult puzzle but I hope to one day finish it!

I'm really glad you liked it 💘

What puzzle did you have trouble in?

Deleted 1 year ago

I'm surprised that people are still playing it 💘💘

Thanks a lot, we are thinking about doing -something- with Duvet. Stay tuned!!


The aesthetics and music merged into a beautiful and disturbing atmospheric mood that goes along with the story just as well! And those tank control took me way back to the psx era, I loved every bit of this game <3

Seriously congratulations to the team!

We are thrilled that you enjoyed it, thanks for playing and letting us know your thoughts!!!


Oh man.

To everyone who worked on this,


Thanks a lot Sami!!! <3


Amazing work!! Really loved the atmosphere of the game, the music, the environment... I need more of this !! :D

Thank you lots! Glad the aspects we cared about the most resonated with you.
It was a short project that we came up with in two months, but who knows what comes next!